About the band

Beautiful Deception is a Bay Area based Hard Rock/Metal band founded by sisters Jackie Kohls and Maddie Rose. Their music features melodic vocals and harmonies contrasted with heavy guitars and shredding solos. The band made it's original debut in 2015 before taking a hiatus and officially re-forming in Fall of 2021. They have since released their self titled E.P. (October 31, 2022) and have been playing shows all around the Bay Area. They plan to release two more singles in the coming months. 

Jackie and Maddie have each been a part of several different bands in the past such as: Dressed In Roses, Jackie Rocks Band, Requiem (Cleopatra Records), and My Immortal Enemy. They have been working in the studio with the incredibly accomplished audio engineer, Dale "D-Wiz" Everingham, for their music releases. 

They have recently shared the stage with notable bands such as: Until I Wake, Dark Divine, Catch Your Breath, and The Anchor. 

(Official logo and band artwork designed by bassist Garrett Kohls; Photos by David Nguyen)